Tuesday, April 13, 2010

week 3 is almost over

i have quite a bit of homework to get done before midnight tonight. but i am going to bust my butt to get it done. i have not had much sleep. been down in my back, and so broke i can't see straight. i sure wish the school would send us our money before July. But i know there isn't anything i can do to get them to send it earlier. i have applied for more money for school through the chickasaw tribe, and everything i can apply for through them. i also applied for a laptop through the chickasaw nation. i so hope i get the money and the laptop, it would really help. i hope everyone is doing good in their studies. i hate their new rule of not being able to turn anything in late. i liked the rules that we had the last 40 weeks i had attended, where we could turn stuff in late, as long as it wasn't over 2 weeks late. i usually tried never to do it, but there were times, i just had to. oh well, study hard everyone. see you in seminars on thursday. and by the way hi dennis, and hi to my comp 2 professor...hope your doing ok. i miss ya.
the picture is of an iggy i hope to get one of his sons within the next few years. or a european one, a black iggy!