Tuesday, April 13, 2010

week 3 is almost over

i have quite a bit of homework to get done before midnight tonight. but i am going to bust my butt to get it done. i have not had much sleep. been down in my back, and so broke i can't see straight. i sure wish the school would send us our money before July. But i know there isn't anything i can do to get them to send it earlier. i have applied for more money for school through the chickasaw tribe, and everything i can apply for through them. i also applied for a laptop through the chickasaw nation. i so hope i get the money and the laptop, it would really help. i hope everyone is doing good in their studies. i hate their new rule of not being able to turn anything in late. i liked the rules that we had the last 40 weeks i had attended, where we could turn stuff in late, as long as it wasn't over 2 weeks late. i usually tried never to do it, but there were times, i just had to. oh well, study hard everyone. see you in seminars on thursday. and by the way hi dennis, and hi to my comp 2 professor...hope your doing ok. i miss ya.
the picture is of an iggy i hope to get one of his sons within the next few years. or a european one, a black iggy!

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  1. Hey, Sharon. It's good to hear from you. I understand that things aren't going as you would like. Just make sure that despite all that goes wrong we must all have a sense of hope that comes with positive thinking in God, and that all will turn out well. Things will never be perfect but just ask God for help. God never puts us in situations that we cannot handle, we just have to rely on Him for guidance, hope, and strength. I wish you the best and I just want to let you know that I am praying for you, knowing that things will get better because of my faith in God. We must have faith. We must have confidence in God, because only He can get us through any difficulty in life. Take care, Sharon. I'll "see" you in seminar.