Monday, June 21, 2010

Deadliest Catch : Discovery Channel

Deadliest Catch : Discovery Channel

tomorrow night they will show us when they mediflight phil off to the hospital in ancorage. i know i am going to cry like when my own father and then mother passed away. my mother had a stroke, this hits home close to me, even though i never met phil harris, he felt like an extended uncle watching him every week. I think he would have made a great uncle. I pray for him everyday. I sure miss him! God Bless you phil, may you be riding one of your nicest harley's in heaven!

Friday, June 11, 2010

'Deadliest Catch' captains visit gulf

the captains of the deadliest catch visit the gulf! Yea for them for shining a light on the literal screw-up
of BP!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

male weedy sea dragon with mature eggs

weedy seadragonwhat my next tattoo is going to be, a weedy seadragon. and then
maybe a leefy seadragon. and then thinking about a deadliest catch
tattoo (but not sure what it will be yet, thank god i have lots of time
to think about it). :)
if you have not checked out the deadliest catch on the discovery
channel, go and check it out, then maybe they can add a new addict
to their show!

school break

this is a ramble, and bitch and complain posting.
i don't think about it much until i am on a break, but i wish it was longer than a week! right now i am wishing it would be 2 weeks, if i could sleep, and not wake up for the whole week,  i would do it. i am glad it is summer, but i really hate it when the temperature gets into the triple digits. (but i still hate cold weather the most). river had a bladder and kidney infection, but he is much better now, and i'm thrilled. i had thought he had got caught in the hailstorm that had hit, because he was acting like he had been injured, but it was just the pain. i am also attempting to quit smoking, which sometimes i think i'm crazy for even trying. and i'm still pissed at kaplan and their new late policy, (and this is funny because i usually don't hold a grudge, but this one is worth holding on to).
i also have become a huge fan of the deadliest catch. 
i could watch them all day everyday. i'd actually be thrilled if they made the show a couple of hours long, instead of just an hour. and have tried to add all of them that have pages on facebook as friends. they are all very entertaining, and fun to watch. it also gives me someone to worry about other than regular every day stuff. so i hope anybody that is going to kaplan if you read this, tell your advisor what you think about their new late policy, i know i am not the only one that is pissed off about this change. tell them!!! until it affects their pocketbook they won't do something about it. All they have to do is reinstate the old late policy, the one that worked!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the last night of this 10 weeks

tonight is the last night of this 10 weeks. This is my 50th week, i get a one week break before the next 10 weeks starts. i just got my books for the next 10 weeks and they weigh a ton. i have one class that is on monday night and i think that sucks. And i'm still pissed off about the new late policy, i wish they would reinstate the old late policy. and i won't be referring anybody to kaplan until they listen to some of the student body, and change it back. i guess i will just refer people to the university of phoenix, or tell them to find a online university that has a late policy. since kaplan doesn't want to pull their heads out. anyway, everyone have a great one week holiday, see you in a couple of weeks. :)