Saturday, February 27, 2010


this is one of my first tattoos, the other one i got is of the flying fire breathing dragon. they are both around 35 years old. this one is on my right hip!                                      
our professor wanted us to tell what is our favorite food.........spagetti and meatsause. our favorite healthy food,....humm, i would guess it's still spagetti. favorite non-healthy food.....mcdonald's double cheeseburger, or a sonic chili cheese footlong and tator tots. and the strangest combination, i would guess it would be saltine crackers in milk. i am such a picky eater, i don't guess i have too many strange combinations....i also love chicken and dumplings, it is about time to make some before it gets warm. and i am hoping that spring is right around the corner, because i am tired of winter. :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

got my comp 2 paper in by the skin of my teeth

i don't think i got of much of it done as i would have liked, but i am going to work on it all day today, and try to get more of it done, i think i have around 4 or 5 pages all ready, and i'm only through the first 2 parts of my outline, i have to add the helping hands about the capuchin monkeys, and the dolphins, and then the physical disabilities, and mental disabilities parts to it to. and a conclusion, and then the abstract. when i get all that added, it will be pretty much done. i hope i don't get a bunch of points off, i could have waited to turn in in late, but i just could not afford for that extra 20 % to be taken off if i had turned it in late. so it was turn in what i had at 11:30 ish pm. or turn it in late. oh well, i think if i spend the next few days on completing it, i can turn the whole thing in before the end of this week. i am having formatting issues with my word, but oh well, i am trying to the best of my ability. and that is all i can do. i have got to go to the doctor, and get my blood pressure checked, and get some pain pills for my back, i just can't take the pain right now, i had been doing really well, but this last cold front has me down in my back again. i can't believe it's week 7 all ready. just a couple more weeks, and we are going to be pretty much done with our classes again, all i will have to do on week 10 is that big final for a&p 2 (i dread it). then it's diseases of the human body, and keyboarding 1. I hope everyone in my comp 2 class is almost done with their paper, and the people in a&p are almost done with their paper on the system you picked for your topic. i'm doing the blood supply, now i will just pray my puter will behave tonight, and can get to both seminars on time. so i'll see you in seminar, or on the d/b or here. i thought i'd show you my iggy tattoo on my wrist today. come on federal taxes, or school money, i need you so i can get a laptop, get the rest of the puter parts for tammy's puter, and to pay a few bills. i'm praying you get here today, or before this weekend.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my dad before dialysis

this was before my dad was put on dialysis, and 2 of my favorite pictures of him.

just a couple of pictures

of my dad, and one of my mom and dad, when my dad was on dialysis, and my mom took care of him at our house. this was my most favorite house of all the ones i ever lived in. we had 2 and a half acres fenced in just so my rottweilers had plenty of room to run, it had an in-ground pool and was just nice as can be.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

darn school website

ok, i have gotten the gumpshion to get off my duff, and work on homework. and the freaking school website is flipping out. i am the 52nd person on hold. i hope my composition professor does not dock me too many points for posting a day late on the discussion board this week. i have been trying for over an hour to get onto the kaplan university website. and i think i've just been kicked off on my phone call to the school. now to get back in line with the rest of the students calling about the website. what a bummer over an hour on hold, and then getting disconnected. argh!!!!! i have an outline due in A&P 2 before tuesday night and a outline for composition 2 on the discussion board if and when i can get online at kaplan. and then 3-5 pages on my paper about service animals before tuesday night also. i am going to have a really busy next 3 days. i have most of my A&P 2 outline done. now i just need to type it into word. and i have my outline for the discussion board in composition 2 if and when i can get online at kaplan. and if and when i quit getting disconnected with kaplan's phone line for technical assistance. we are getting a cold front. we had a couple of decent days, into the 50's. but we are getting more cold weather. (oh god, help me survive the rest of the winter, i guess it is good it will make me do my homework). and did anybody see the opening ceremonies for the olympics last night? i thought it was absolutely kewl as chit. :) it was very sad about the luge guy from the old ussr, losing his life on a practice run. i pray for his family at such a devastating loss. and then having it all caught on tape. i hope they fix the runs, so if anyone else gets thrown from the track they don't lose their life. now that i have run off at the mouth, i need to go see what everyone else is up to on their blog. see you all on the discussion board if and when i can get online. below is a quick look at my outline that i will be posting.
I. Service animals
   A. Different types of service animals
        1. Dogs-most commonly used animals service animals
        2. Horses
           a. miniature horses-used as guide animals for the blind
           b. horses-help for the physically handicapped
        3. capuchin monkeys-help for quadriplegics with all tasks
        4. dolphins-can help children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. Such as autism and down's
            syndrome. They cannot live with a person, but can be motivation for a patient to accomplish tasks
            asked of them.
   B. Different types of disabilities that a service animal can help with, such as assistance in a medical crisis,
        treatment related assistance, helping cope with emotional overload, and security enhancement tasks
        (Miller, 2010).
       1. Physical disabilities
           a. Blindness or very limited vision
           b. Deafness or hearing impaired
           c. Mobility assistance dogs-for wheelchair bound patients
           d. Walker dog-helps the patient with balance, and aid them in getting up if they fall
           e. Seizure alert/response dogs-to alert their partner of an upcoming seizure
       2. Mental (psychiatric) disabilities
           a. Post traumatic stress disorder
           b. Panic (anxiety) disorder
           c. Depression disorder
I hope everyone else is way ahead of me in their project. And i will see you on the discussion board as soon as i can get online at kaplan university. this will teach me not to wait till the last minute on saturday. my vow for the rest of this 10 weeks is to post no later than thursday or friday. see you in the funny papers. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i forgot to do my blog! end of week 5 moving into week 6

Hi everyone, well i just figured out i forgot to do my blog this week. my bad, but i am going to throw some stuff in. and also add stuff about my paper for A&P 2, and maybe a couple of you will come say something, and give me some feedback so i can turn in my outline for my A&P 2 project. That paper is going to be on blood. I have it written as, here is what i wrote and turned in for unit 3, on the blood.
The Blood System
     The blood supply system in the human body is a major system. Without blood the body would not be able to receive and exchange oxygen to the tissues, and major organs. It would have no way of removing the waste and toxins that build up in the body. It would not be able to fight off infection or build up immunity against diseases the human body might come into contact with. Some of the issues the blood supply deals with are bleeding disorders, anemia and other hemoglobin disorders, cancer of the blood and associated bone marrow.

tada. lol, so this week i am going to try and keep up, from the day we have seminar, i finally got enough studying done, to do well in my A&P 2 tests this week. Now to just keep up with it for the rest of this 10 weeks. Oh yea, and i had my taxes done, and got them sent in. Now for the feds to just send me money, so I can buy my kaplan university study partner from comp 1, a monitor, keyboard, and operating system. To get her back online, I will be so happy. I so miss having her to study with every night. (I allready got her a tower for a real reasonable price, i just have to get her a few more things and she will be back online and i will have my study partner back, I did not know I would miss her this much). Then I hope i have enough left over through school to get me a laptop, and send the rest off to my friend that helps me with my bills when i run out of my unemployment, and i'm still waiting on my disablility determination. So for anyone in comp class that has come by, i hope you have started your outline for unit 6, i have just started mine (i think that is what we do in unit 6, is an outline, (we have an outline due in A&P 2, i need to check my comp 2 and see if that is what is due)). anyway i'm going to show you my latest beginning of a tattoo, and then I will add more every few days. the one tattoo, i want to get one that looks like my girlfriend that use to live in michigan, and now lives in pennsylvania, it has the head of one of her chinese cresteds as a model for the dragon head, and the new one on my back just needs shading and some color, it is between my iggy tattoo and my flying dragon on my back.