Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i forgot to do my blog! end of week 5 moving into week 6

Hi everyone, well i just figured out i forgot to do my blog this week. my bad, but i am going to throw some stuff in. and also add stuff about my paper for A&P 2, and maybe a couple of you will come say something, and give me some feedback so i can turn in my outline for my A&P 2 project. That paper is going to be on blood. I have it written as, here is what i wrote and turned in for unit 3, on the blood.
The Blood System
     The blood supply system in the human body is a major system. Without blood the body would not be able to receive and exchange oxygen to the tissues, and major organs. It would have no way of removing the waste and toxins that build up in the body. It would not be able to fight off infection or build up immunity against diseases the human body might come into contact with. Some of the issues the blood supply deals with are bleeding disorders, anemia and other hemoglobin disorders, cancer of the blood and associated bone marrow.

tada. lol, so this week i am going to try and keep up, from the day we have seminar, i finally got enough studying done, to do well in my A&P 2 tests this week. Now to just keep up with it for the rest of this 10 weeks. Oh yea, and i had my taxes done, and got them sent in. Now for the feds to just send me money, so I can buy my kaplan university study partner from comp 1, a monitor, keyboard, and operating system. To get her back online, I will be so happy. I so miss having her to study with every night. (I allready got her a tower for a real reasonable price, i just have to get her a few more things and she will be back online and i will have my study partner back, I did not know I would miss her this much). Then I hope i have enough left over through school to get me a laptop, and send the rest off to my friend that helps me with my bills when i run out of my unemployment, and i'm still waiting on my disablility determination. So for anyone in comp class that has come by, i hope you have started your outline for unit 6, i have just started mine (i think that is what we do in unit 6, is an outline, (we have an outline due in A&P 2, i need to check my comp 2 and see if that is what is due)). anyway i'm going to show you my latest beginning of a tattoo, and then I will add more every few days. the one tattoo, i want to get one that looks like my girlfriend that use to live in michigan, and now lives in pennsylvania, it has the head of one of her chinese cresteds as a model for the dragon head, and the new one on my back just needs shading and some color, it is between my iggy tattoo and my flying dragon on my back.


  1. Well, I have not done my outline for APII or my draft for CompII. Soooo behind! One of my cats has been really sick. My older girl, Pywackett (15) is in renal failure. I've been giving her SubQ fluids, they make her feel better but she is not eating and is very weak and keeps losing weight. I've decided that it may be time to visit the vet that one last time this Saturday. I can't believe this, my poor little girl.
    Glad you liked Sox. I wish Pywackett had his constitution, nothing gets him down for long. Good luck on your papers, I'm thinking about doing an all nighter tonight. Sometimes, I just think more clearly when I stay up..strange.
    Wow! You do have the tatoos! I don't have any, but am thinking maybe this summer I will get my brother to do a small one on me. He does excellent work. I designed this little cat figure from one of my cats and did some T shirts with it. But I think I would like to have it as a tatoo, just a small one though.

  2. This week has been hectic. I have yet to start my outline for my A&P class, which is on the nervous system. I just started my rough draft for College Comp II class. I usually start as soon as possible but not this time. Anyway, the tattoo looks awesome (great detail).
    By the way, thank you for being so supportive. You always post comments on my blog, and I am extremely grateful. To answer your question; Yes they do have the show (The Wire) on dvd. There are 5 seasons. By the way, I haven't had HBO for a while (way too expensive). I love Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is definitely a nut, but an entertaining nut. Did you know he used to sing opera and he used to be one of those people selling stuff on QVC? (useless info)
    Good luck on your projects and your blog. Once again, thank you, and I apologize for not posting earlier. Take care and GOD bless.