Wednesday, February 17, 2010

got my comp 2 paper in by the skin of my teeth

i don't think i got of much of it done as i would have liked, but i am going to work on it all day today, and try to get more of it done, i think i have around 4 or 5 pages all ready, and i'm only through the first 2 parts of my outline, i have to add the helping hands about the capuchin monkeys, and the dolphins, and then the physical disabilities, and mental disabilities parts to it to. and a conclusion, and then the abstract. when i get all that added, it will be pretty much done. i hope i don't get a bunch of points off, i could have waited to turn in in late, but i just could not afford for that extra 20 % to be taken off if i had turned it in late. so it was turn in what i had at 11:30 ish pm. or turn it in late. oh well, i think if i spend the next few days on completing it, i can turn the whole thing in before the end of this week. i am having formatting issues with my word, but oh well, i am trying to the best of my ability. and that is all i can do. i have got to go to the doctor, and get my blood pressure checked, and get some pain pills for my back, i just can't take the pain right now, i had been doing really well, but this last cold front has me down in my back again. i can't believe it's week 7 all ready. just a couple more weeks, and we are going to be pretty much done with our classes again, all i will have to do on week 10 is that big final for a&p 2 (i dread it). then it's diseases of the human body, and keyboarding 1. I hope everyone in my comp 2 class is almost done with their paper, and the people in a&p are almost done with their paper on the system you picked for your topic. i'm doing the blood supply, now i will just pray my puter will behave tonight, and can get to both seminars on time. so i'll see you in seminar, or on the d/b or here. i thought i'd show you my iggy tattoo on my wrist today. come on federal taxes, or school money, i need you so i can get a laptop, get the rest of the puter parts for tammy's puter, and to pay a few bills. i'm praying you get here today, or before this weekend.


  1. Sharon, I hope that everything works out with your projects, computer, as well as your back. Back pain is absolutely horrible and I wish you the best. I also finished my rough draft at the last possible moment. Funny thing, we both finished our rough draft pretty late and we were the first to post on the d/b. Your topic seems like it would be fun doing research for. It is very interesting. Animals as therapeutic alternatives has always been intriguing. It definitely seems to work as well. I've seen a lot of specials with dogs and the looks on the faces of the patients is evident of how big a difference an animal can make in their lives. Even if it's for a couple of minutes, those minutes will allow the people to "forget" their troubles and enjoy the unconditional love that is offered by therapeutic animals. Best of luck with your project for College Comp II and A&P. Take care and feel better.
    By the way, does your tattoo say or mean emptiness and death?

  2. for anyone that might be curious, the tattoo on my left upper arm is loss, from memoirs of a geisha, that loss cannot be seen only felt. the ones on the lower part of my left arm are emptyness, and death. Dennis is right. I had emptyness put because after the death of my parents that is what i have felt, and i had death put below it because one of my last friends died last year. soon after i got my other tattoos. it reminds me of him, and how i wish he was still around. the one on my right wrist is of an italian greyhound, because i love my iggys, i want another or two tattoo of them. :)

  3. Sharon just keep plucking away at your papers. You will get them both handled and handled well I am sure.

    I had A&P 2 last term and I wrote my paper on blood too!!! With the use of the text book you can make a great outline. Once you have a great outline your paper will practically write its self. And as for that test, pppffftttt don't worry about it. Remember that not only is that final open book but it is open google too and you have 3 hours to do it!!