Tuesday, March 16, 2010

week 10

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that i am doing blue for how i feel not having this class anymore. It actually scared the tar out of me going into it. I finally was doing better in a & p 2, and then tanked my final. So I guess this 10 weeks my gpa is going to take an enormous hit. darn, so much for being on the honor roll this 10 weeks. I will try and visit everyone's blog once a week or every 2 weeks. I am going to miss you all, it was a fun class, and it would not have been complete without each and every one of you! I am going to miss Dennis a lot. So everyone take care, and study hard!! If anyone is going into the disease's of the human body, or keyboarding, maybe i will see you there! Sincerely S aka fangy


  1. How funny I actually was thinking that I was going to get an A on all three of my classes. It is awful how rapid ones grades go down from week 8 to 10. Anyways I enjoyed this class so much hopefully I will see you in my class for Disease's of the Human Body on Mondays at 8 ET.

  2. Wow, that was such a nice thing to say, Sharon. I will miss our interactions on the discussion board. I will keep up with my blog, though. I'm going to try to maintain a weekly post. Hopefully, we'll keep in touch that way.
    I'm taking keyboarding I fundamentals (Thursdays at 8PM-Professor Patricia Larkin).
    Thank you, Fangy. It was truly a pleasure having you as a classmate. Take care of yourself and God bless you.