Wednesday, May 5, 2010

onto week 7

i have decided to have a small rant. i am still pissed about the new no late policy at kaplan. i know i won't recommend kaplan until they either consider changing this policy back to the way it was last 40 weeks. what do you think we are morons. that when we get out in the real world, that we tell our employer, oh sorry, i have to turn my project in late, cause i just couldn't get it done. well i'm not a moron, and i know the difference between working out in the real world and school. but *hit happens and sometimes i might have to turn something in late. i still want credit for it. but if you force me to, i will go to the er, just to make you happy, and that i can still get a grade, even if it might be late, and i will have points deducted. you would just make it easier on those, that might be sick, and don't have the funds to always go to the doctor. (for example i have a classmate, and now because of your new rule about this flipping late policy, she is flunking out. I hope you will be happy taking her money for another 10 weeks, when she could have got it done this 10 weeks, it just might have been late. And she is one that can't afford to go to the doctor. If it weren't for friends, she would not even be back online to attend school, if it hadn't been for a few friends to finally help her get a replacement computer, because hers broke last 10 weeks). (ok, i'll get off of my soapbox, for now).

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  1. Hey, Sharon. Good luck on your upcoming exams for your classes.
    I wish you the best in terms of your health, career, and education. You are always in my prayers and I will continue to pray that things work out for you. Just stay positive and don't let the negativity of life turn you into an eternal pessimist. However, don't take it the wrong way, because it is good to vent, just don't let the reason for your venting to consume you. Take care and best of luck, Fangy. God bless.