Saturday, June 5, 2010

school break

this is a ramble, and bitch and complain posting.
i don't think about it much until i am on a break, but i wish it was longer than a week! right now i am wishing it would be 2 weeks, if i could sleep, and not wake up for the whole week,  i would do it. i am glad it is summer, but i really hate it when the temperature gets into the triple digits. (but i still hate cold weather the most). river had a bladder and kidney infection, but he is much better now, and i'm thrilled. i had thought he had got caught in the hailstorm that had hit, because he was acting like he had been injured, but it was just the pain. i am also attempting to quit smoking, which sometimes i think i'm crazy for even trying. and i'm still pissed at kaplan and their new late policy, (and this is funny because i usually don't hold a grudge, but this one is worth holding on to).
i also have become a huge fan of the deadliest catch. 
i could watch them all day everyday. i'd actually be thrilled if they made the show a couple of hours long, instead of just an hour. and have tried to add all of them that have pages on facebook as friends. they are all very entertaining, and fun to watch. it also gives me someone to worry about other than regular every day stuff. so i hope anybody that is going to kaplan if you read this, tell your advisor what you think about their new late policy, i know i am not the only one that is pissed off about this change. tell them!!! until it affects their pocketbook they won't do something about it. All they have to do is reinstate the old late policy, the one that worked!!!

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