Monday, June 21, 2010

Deadliest Catch : Discovery Channel

Deadliest Catch : Discovery Channel

tomorrow night they will show us when they mediflight phil off to the hospital in ancorage. i know i am going to cry like when my own father and then mother passed away. my mother had a stroke, this hits home close to me, even though i never met phil harris, he felt like an extended uncle watching him every week. I think he would have made a great uncle. I pray for him everyday. I sure miss him! God Bless you phil, may you be riding one of your nicest harley's in heaven!


  1. Hey, Sharon. Right now, I'm taking Survey of Mathematics and Diseases of the Human Body. I'll probably take Keyboarding II next term. That is if my financial aid gets worked out.
    Keep up the posts on your blog. I'm sorry, I haven't responded to your posts recently. Don't fret, I will be visiting more often and posting my nonsensical and rambling thoughts ; ) Take care, Fangy. Talk to you soon.

  2. Hey, Fangy. I have been a fan of Deadliest Catch since it first came out on the Discovery Channel. However, I have not watched it the last couple of seasons. However, I was shocked when I first heard the news about Phil's passing. Well, I wasn't necessarily shocked because of the lifestyle and habits that they have. The combination doesn't bode well for good health. However, I was saddened by his passing. I just happened to change the channel when the crew man was calling the wheelhouse after unloading all the crab. That's when I realized that this was the moment that Phil suffered his stroke. I knew what was coming but it was still very sad. Let's just hope that his family goes on and continues the Harrison lineage as crab fisherman.
    His youngest son (Jake?) has had a couple of run ins with the law after the passing of his dad (drunk driving, if I'm not mistaken). Let's just hope that this is just a minor blip, instead of a cause for concern. Take care, Sharon.
    PS: The Cornelia Marie and the Northwestern were my favorite vessels.
    PPS: There was also a disappearance of Jake's (of the Northwestern) father, right. Wow, it must be tough being stuck in the middle of the ocean, knowing what's going on.
    Take care, Fangy. Talk to you soon.