Thursday, January 14, 2010

The starting of week 2

Wow, it has all ready been a week. Now we are into week 2 of classes. I took my A&P 2 test and I was very pleased and got 100%. Woo hoo, I so wish I could keep that up for the entire class. But I know I will end up tripping up somewhere during these classes. We are doing the heart now, and it is so confusing. But I will have to work my fanny off to try to stay on the honor roll this 10 weeks. But it is still cold, and I don't have anything else to do but study and sleep. So I don't freeze my booty off outside. I am so ready for spring. When I get a little better acquainted with my blog, I will add a few sites I find interesting, and websites for things near and dear to my heart. I know one that I hope there is one, for helping to get vests or money donated towards bullet proof vests for any of the dogs that are working overseas with our military. Since I am a big dog lover, I want to help any dogs that our helping our young men and women that are serving our country. Not only in the jobs they do, but in being companions and hopefully they help keep our service men and women in good spirits when they are down. I think it is time for me to shut up, and get back to doing homework. See everyone in the funny papers! :) or on the d/b in class.

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