Saturday, January 30, 2010

i can't believe it's week 4

waiting till the last minute is usually not me, or what i try to do in my classes. But i've been hiding under the covers since the ice storm, and then snow that came to visit us in oklahoma. all i can say is i am so ready for spring. But thank heaven's i'm caught up on homework, and will have to get back at it tomorrow, when i crawl out of bed. I just hope it is after noon! lol :) the pictures are of my fur kids, the one picture is of luna and angel, my two oldest iggys, then river my boy iggy, and then dot my itty bitty iggy! they are my constant bedwarmers. :) next post i'll try to remember to show you some of my tattoos!

1 comment:

  1. You have the cutest fur kids! I'll have to be sure my brother sees these pictures. He and his wife are major dog lovers! Hey..about those tatoos...if you need a refresher or a new one, this same brother does tatoos in North Little Rock. We pretty much dodged the bullit with the snow/ice. Got just a little of both. Sometimes I wish we would get slammed with some freezing rain, or ice, just snow.